They <3 us!

OK this is really cool….it seems like my little blogging exercise keeps attracting attention from travel & tourism gurus in the blogosphere <blush>

First, there was the article on Steve Wright’s Brand Canada blog last May Bay of Fundy Blog Makes Me Think There’s Hope for Web 2.0

Then Jens Thraenhart mentioned the Fundy blog in his Destinations & The Benefits of Blogging post in July, 2007.

This winter Alicia Whalen with Couple of Chicks E-marketing complimented my blog in her article Blogging Builds Reputation for Small Tourism Destinations on February 1, 2008.

Then Rogier Gruys with Blue Peak Travel, Tourism & Photography, featured the Fundy blog in his March ’08 post on Web 2.0 trends.

In May, I went to Calgary, Alberta, to participate in a bloggers panel the Online Revealed conference. I had fun sharing my tips for blogging – especially since I’m just a real person (not a techie) who loves to share quirky bits about where I live.



  1. This is brilliant…all this wonderful recognition for your blog! congratulations…

  2. Terri, I’m new to the net and wanted you to know that I viewed your blog and think it’s fab. Please keep doing this. Its a great site–so informative and positive about this beautiful part of the world. The recognition you received in the C. Herald was well deserved! I look forward to further updates of “stuff”. E.

  3. Terri!
    This looks wonderful! Keep up the great work. I really enjoy the new format, and find it eminently more readable.
    Love the photos, the archives, the categories…all very manageable for the humble reader.
    All the very best,

  4. […] where I grew up – deserved a little more web attention. Her blog about it is really good, and is gaining a lot of attention and acclaim. In the last couple of months she’s covered diverse but unique regional topics: how to cook […]

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