Terri’s welcome

Terri McCullochSo here I was on the Bay of Fundy, minding my own business, when I realized that normal people don’t get to see 100 billion tonnes of seawater flowing back and forth in front of their kitchen windows every day. As someone who has grown up living and working here, I’ve taken it upon myself to blog my experiences with the highest tides on the planet.

Listen to Terri’s podcast welcome Mp3 (20 seconds)

Visit this blog in its original version on blogspot & weigh in on which format you prefer…I’m about 50-50…why not leave me a note on either blog (or send me an email at bayoffundy@gmail.com) to let me know which you prefer!

Blog banner photo location: Five Islands Provincial Park, Nova Scotia. Blog banner photo credit: Dick Lemon with the annual Not Since Moses run across the ocean floor.



  1. I like the new WordPress look and I know from personal experience that WordPress is a great blogging platform. I’d encourage you to make the switch.

  2. Terri;
    Been renjoying your blog for the past 6 months or so.
    I like the wordpress version.
    And by the way stop masking the taste of mussels with curry, garlic etc. They should be eaten Aux Naturel, just steamed. Although the beer ones do sound pretty good.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Hey Austin,
    thanks for the feedback. Good point about the mussels – I guess I thought their adorable little selves (without adornment) weren’t glamorous enough for my dear readers. Alas, ye just proved me wrong lad! :o)

  4. I’m a longtime reader, and when I first saw the new look I did have some doubts. However, scrolling down, I really like the slightly darker light blue on the sides, as opposed to the really light blue at the top by the picture, which looks a bit washed out, in my opinion.

    Particularly with the dark grey at the top…might look better as a dark blue?…I don’t know if this is something you can change though. But that’s mere details — congrats on the move and looking good! (These comment forms are highly superior to blogger too!)

    (and as for mussels, although they’re excellent alone, if dressing them up means more attention for this delicious shellfish, then I’m all for it!)

  5. As a long time friend of your Brother – Peter I am pleased to say Congratulations – Great Job.
    See you at BUC soon

  6. I must say, I had no idea this site even existed, but after checking it out awhile…It’s awesome. Great job Terri! The “Not since Moses” event sounds so great, is there another one in the near future or is this a one time per year event?

  7. Hi Judy, what a coincidence, at the very moment you were emailing me to ask about the NOT SINCE MOSES race, I was at the race! The event occurs one day a year. This year it was Sunday, July 6. It started at 10 am and concluded around 11:30.

    I was standing in the spot where that photo was taken. Of course, I had to scram as the tide came it!

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